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Shop our fine art photography collection of prints showcasing places from Europe and around the world. Decorate your home with photographs that unite us and travel visually to places that bring you joy. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

Always Look Up

Italy is famous for its historic palaces and churches where it's imperative to take in all the details around you, especially the ceiling view. While exploring Portofino I happened to look up and capture this angle of the neighbourhood - raw, ageing, inspiring. Always look up in Italy!

Dreaming Of Lerici

Is there anything more beautiful than the pink, mustard and burgundy tints of Italian homes with stylish green shutters and stunning floral displays on balconies? Well, throw in a dominating castle, vertical living and a stunning sea view and you end up in Lerici, one of the most underrated gems in Liguria and arguably one of the most beautiful.

Red Fiat 500

These tiny cars are the true symbols of Italy and the sweet life. I always light up just from sighting one of these on the streets during my travels. It's snapped here in the capital of Liguria, Genoa.

Stunning Portofino

It feels as though the colourful reflection on the surface of the water in Portofino is a painting. You can feel each brushstroke dancing in movement in the light. This is Portofino and it's a marvellous feast for all the senses.

Blue Stripes

These iconic blue and white beach umbrellas were photographed in Monterosso al Mare - part of Italy's beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cinque Terre - five vibrant fishing villages connected by hiking trails, a train line and ferry service. I made sure to arrive there before the tourists did to capture this stunning sight of clear turquoise waters, soft sand, blue deck chairs and stripy umbrellas. Enjoy that summer feeling every time you pass this print in your home!

In Love With Lerici

There's a certain romantic spirit in the Gulf of Poets, specifically in Lerici, where this photo was taken. It's not possible to put into words the beauty of this town especially on a warm summer's day.

Dreamy Portofino

To me, Portofino is the jewel in Liguria's crown. I dream of calling one of the apartments in this image my own someday. That would truly be something! To visit Portofino, even for a few hours, evokes such dreams in many of us because that place is beyond beautiful.

Umbrellas Above

Give me any street in the world lined with floating umbrellas and I'll be happy! This photograph of a street in Genoa immortalises these umbrellas unfortunately no longer to be found there.

Shades Of Manarola

For anyone that appreciates the candy-coloured houses of Italy as much as I do, owning this print is a must! We find ourselves in Manarola, a town part of Italy's Cinque Terre and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The enchanting fishing villages of Italy's Cinque Terre are extremely popular tourist destinations. It is believed that Vernazza is the most visited of the five towns. This photograph was taken right after a summer rainstorm and you can see how the town appears to have grown organically from nature as it's built on the edge of a cliff.

Pastel Summer

Life under the shadow of the impressive Lerici Castle for these local residents must be quite something. Most of their windows look out onto the Ligurian Sea with a myriad of boats sparkling along the harbour in the distance. I could never tire of seeing homes of varying pastel hues outside my window, could you?

Summer In Italy

Dive right into this photograph taken at Monterosso al Mare. Who can resist imagining themselves under one of those glamorous umbrellas holding a refreshing drink whilst listening to the waves coming in one by one? Summer never looked so good!

"Ever since I can remember I have always had a deep love of travel and an even greater appreciation of photography. My sense of curiosity and adventurous nature joined forces to allow me to take wonderful trips from Australia (where I'm based) to Europe and further afield in recent years. I've captured the wonder of our shared world through my camera's lens and strongly believe that photography has the incredible ability to unite us. Now I'm ready to share my photographs with you in the hopes that our common love of travel will bring us all so much joy! Please take a look through my fine art photography collections and add that special travel glow to your walls." 

- Naira Tamanian