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Welcome to my little corner of the internet! My name is Naira and I'm the founder of illustration brand Graceful Avenue. I started Travel Brings Joy, my fine art photography print shop, during our ongoing global pandemic. As a collective world we have all been through so much together and we could all do with a little more joy, am I right?

I was actually in Italy when the country went into the Western world's first lockdown in March, 2020. Faced with a choice to cut my Working Holiday short and return home to Australia or stay in a foreign country and face the unknown, I chose the latter and I'm so glad I did! I went on to see lots of different beautiful places around Italy, many of them tourist-free. I returned home with far more photos than I care to admit but rather than keeping these photos on my hard drive where they'd never see the light of day, I decided to share them with the world and spread a little joy in the process, and so Travel Brings Joy was born. 

Here you have the chance to purchase my prints and display them on your walls at home. Maybe you've been to a town I visited and connect with it on a personal level or maybe you just love the feeling that my print brings out in you. I have so many wonderful places that I cannot wait to share with you! I believe photography deserves to be shared and has the incredible power to bring us closer together, unite us and inspire us. No matter where you place my photograph in your home I hope it brings you joy. The sort of joy that only travel can make one feel. Travel brings me joy and I hope my work does the same for you.